Here for the same reason you are... 5 boys who we like to call Hazza, Leeyum, Nialler, Bradford Bad Boi and the Swag Masta from Doncasta!

Anonymous said: Hey Love. Mind putting the URL to you preference master list here. Thanks darling. xx

We do not have one it’s a bit of a scroll down and good luck type of thing…haha xx

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Anonymous said: I like taters

Niceeeee one. 

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Do any of you use Wattpad?

Feel free to leave your usernames and I’ll follow you, and if you have a story/recommendation you’d like me to read let me know and I’ll put it in my library:-) - Lauren x

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Thinking of deactivating this.. I have no time:-( - Lauren

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Sexytime Preference: He suggests a threesome with another band member…

Harry: "Hey babe…" Harry starts, and you look up at him suspiciously. You know that tone of voice, he wants something, but what is it this time? He sits down next to you with a cheeky smile on his face, and his hand quickly finds it’s way to the inside of your thigh. "Hazz…?" You reply, quickly clicking on to what he wants. Harry leans in so his lips are by your ear, his curls tickling your neck. "Me and Lou had a bit of an idea…you want to know what it is?" He whispers huskily against your neck, and you bite on your lip as he lays a quick kiss under your earlobe. "But if you want to hear it, you’re going to have to join us in the bedroom…" He whispered, eagerly pulling you to your feet… 

Niall:"Ohhh [Y/N]…" Niall’s Irish, slightly drunken, voice called through your front door. You listened as you heard the sound of Niall and Zayn as they shuffled through the front door downstairs after their night out. You’d been waiting for Niall to come home all night…but you wasn’t expecting this. "Ni? Zayn?" You called out, before they both came bursting through the bedroom door anyway. "Shush…me and Zayn have a surprise for you…" Niall whispered drunkenly, and before you know it both men were on either side of you, kissing your neck and collarbones. "Good thing I like surprises…" You mumbled, sinking into the feeling of the Bradford Bad boii and you’re Irish Sex God. 

Zayn: "So, you know we were talking about…you know, having some fun?" Zayn whispered into your ear, his voice deep and lustful as you listened to him. You were both sat on your bed, your bodies entangled together. You were straddling him as he held you tightly, playing with the belt loops on your jeans. "Yeah?" You replied, eager to see what surprise he was going to pull out of the bag this time. When it came to the bedroom, Mr Malik was a master of surprises. Zayn looked at you with a dirty grin, his eyes flashing with lust, before he turned his head towards the bedroom door. "Harry!" Zayn called, before you watched as Harry walked in, with a devilish smile on his face. You looked from one boy to the other nodding. "Oh yeah, this is going to be fun." You couldn’t help but let out excitedly, before you became caught up in a whirlwind of Zarry feels. 

Louis: "You said you wanted something that you wouldn’t expect," Louis started, with a smug smile on his face. He was leading you up the stairs, and you were starting to get butterflies of excitement in your tummy. "Oh yeah?" You asked, and watched as he nodded, before pulling you to your bedroom, but he didn’t stop there. He led you over to the closed door of the ensuite bathroom, and you could hear the water of the shower running. He knocked twice, before slowly pushing open the door. You looked in expecting a few candles and some champagne, but instead came face to face with Liam Payne’s beautiful torso, and his waist wrapped in just a small white towel. "I hear I’m yours to play with tonight then." Liam chuckled darkly, before Louis pushed you and himself into the bathroom, locking the door behind you both, so no one would find out about your dirty little adventures with Lilo. 

Liam: Liam was leading you towards your master bedroom, his hands holding onto your hips protectively as his lips explored the back of your neck. “Li…what’s this about? You’re being so…secretive.” You gasped as Liam found one of your spots from next to your collar bones. “Because I got you a surprise..” He whispered against your neck, before his lips left your skin, and he opened your bedroom door and led you in gently, and that’s where you found Niall Horan laying on your bed, in nothing but a pair of boxers with the Irish flag on. “So, you want a hand from the Irish love doctor, eh love?” Niall spoke up, his bold Irish accent, a cheeky smile on his lips. You looked up at Liam in disbelief, and he looked down at you with a cheeky smile, winking at you before his lips found your neck again. “Prepare for a Niam check up.” Niall chuckled, before you suddenly found yourself inbetween Niall and Liam.  

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